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Derek Hoeferlin(D+W) director and principal researcher

Derek is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. He is a registered architect, urban designer and principal of Derek James Hoeferlin Architect. Additionally, he likes collaborating with Ian Caine, Waggonner & Ball Architects and H3 Studio, Inc.


John Monnat – one of Derek’s former Washington Univ./Gutter to Gulf students; (D+W) website design and production assistance; and, on-the-ground research assistant to Derek while in Cambodia and Laos

Nate Smith – Washington Univ. colleague, research assistant and website design and production assistance

Jacqueline Stern – Washington Univ. engineering student, currently assisting in researching issues related to dam projects in the Mekong.

Students of Derek’s Fall 2010 “Mixology” College of Architecture Washington University in St. Louis design studio (Wash. U. undergrad’s rock – not only did they help Derek start the comparative analysis between the Mekong, Mississippi and Rhine-Meuse – by creating a complicated book in 3 weeks – they opened Derek’s eyes to other crazy watersheds like the Amu Dayra-Syr Dayra (Evan Wiskup), Niger (Jeff Rauch), Murray-Darling (Kevin Murray), Chao-Phraya (Bennet Gale), Fraser (Kuan Butts), Yangtze (Tianhuo Shen), Parana (Joe Moriaty), and Tigris-Euphrates (Meghan Lewis)

Derek Hoeferlin on a sluice gate in Ca Mau, Vietnam delta

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